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We have one objective:

Hear our story first hand

To take care of people

But so can not working with a financial advisor.

Working with a financial advisor can be a vulnerable experience. 

There’s no shortage of confusing advice, opinions, and even DIY options. Many of which can leave you unaware of what you don’t know, lead to costly mistakes, or cause you to lose out on earned benefits.

Parker Financial Group was founded because your life savings is too important to leave to chance or a quick study. We believe money conversations can be empowering rather than anxiety-inducing. Clear rather than complex. Hopeful instead of concerned.

We also believe that the best retirement plan is the one that best serves your vision for how you wish to spend your time.

Our goal is to take you from fear to excitement about what the future holds. Because retirement isn’t an end destination—it’s a new chapter in your life; a time to live freely. 

Connor Parker

PFG Founder, RICP® &
Investment Adviser Representative

To tell you the truth, money wasn’t something I grew up with a lot of. (But 12-year-old me thought a two-story house and playing travel baseball meant we had plenty of it.) As the years went on, I witnessed the struggles that come with money and how it can affect relationships. 

My early career naturally consisted of low-paying, hard-working jobs. After meeting my now-wife, I knew I needed to get serious about planning for our future. I took an interest in finance and leaned on an industry veteran to show me the ropes. I immersed myself in the world of retirement planning, eventually becoming an Investment Adviser Representative and Retirement Income Certified Professional®. I later realized the vision I had for Parker Financial Group—a modern financial planning firm rooted in timeless principles. 

We focus on income planning, apply sound strategies, and implement diversified portfolio management to help you make your retirement dreams a reality. This work is challenging, rewarding, and something I’m proud to get up each day and do. 

Director of First Impressions

Kaitlyn Parker,


Wife to Connor, communications
expert, general overseer

Operations Manager

Destiny Oliveira

Hospitality-minded, highly organized,
full of energy & creative ideas

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